Pet Vaccines: Schedules for Cats and Dogs

Pet Vaccines Protect Pets and You

Vaccinations continue to be the primary defense against widespread infection of domestic animals, which in turn can harm their owners as well. Thankfully, vaccines protect pets and owners alike from these potentially fatal conditions. At Animal Clinic of Arlington, we have years of experience providing Arlington residents with pet vaccination services. We have canine vaccines and feline vaccines and will help provide your pet with the necessary immunizations.


Herd Immunity

People have seen and read the term “herd immunity” repeatedly in 2020, but it also applies to pet vaccinations. Immunizing cats and dogs protect other pets in the surrounding communities as well. When there are simply no vectors through which to travel, the virus or bacteria problem dies out. This is the fundamental effect of herd immunity. It’s also why cities often tie approved pet licenses to rabies shots and similar for feline vaccines. The prevention helps everyone, from the pets to their pet owners, and is an affordable way to cut down on expensive pet health responses otherwise necessary.

Over Vaccination is a False Alarm

Pet vaccines are not harmful. Not providing vaccinations can expose pets to serious health problems that can come on quickly. Kennel cough is a common example that people will find a problem after they temporarily house a pet in a kennel or pet hotel while on a trip or similar. The bacteria that causes the problem can spread quickly between dogs and produces a serious breathing problem similar to whooping cough in humans. Pet vaccines can easily prevent this condition and many others.

Side Effects

If there is an underlying condition already present, our veterinarian may not recommend proceeding with vaccination. Where canine vaccines or feline vaccines can be a problem is if pet owners take a pet with a problem to vet vaccine clinic without disclosing prior issues. Working with a vet who has medical records for your pet makes a big difference in preventing this problem from occurring.

Contact Our Veterinarian in Arlington for Canine Vaccines and Feline Vaccines

If you are looking for pet vaccination services in Arlington, contact Animal Clinic of Arlington today. Our veterinarian will assess your pet’s condition before creating a vaccination schedule to meet your pet’s individual needs. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call us today at .


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