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Here at Animal Clinic of Arlington, we provide outstanding veterinary services your pet needs. We go above and beyond to uncover the root source of your pet's issue, ultimately choosing the least harmful treatment method that puts him or her on a path to lasting recovery. Having access to a trustworthy veterinarian and reputable animal clinic can make a tremendous difference in your pet's care. If you live in Arlington or the surrounding areas, you can bring your animal here for full-service health care.  

Preventative and Pet Wellness Care

Preventative care plays a crucial role in keeping your pet healthy long term. Our preventative care program includes such services as annual wellness exams, diagnostic testing, parasite control, vaccinations, dental care, spay and neuter procedures, and more. Wellness exams enable us to keep track of your pet's health. It is also a good way of detecting early signs of health conditions or diseases before the disease has a chance to spread. Early detection and treatment of health issues can improve your pet's chances of having a successful recovery.  


When the need arises for surgery, it can be a traumatic time for you and your pet. We use state-of-the-art techniques to perform any surgery required. Our compassionate and caring staff are focused on the safety and comfort of your beloved pet. We are committed to making any needed surgery as painless as possible with an appropriate recovery time, causing minimal stress. We also provide pet spay and neuter surgery for your new animal.


Our animal clinic offers core and non-core vaccinations to keep your pet safe from infectious diseases. We will also customize a vaccination schedule for your kitten or puppy to maintain protection over the years. Core vaccines are essential to protect your pet from life-threatening diseases like rabies and distemper. Non-core vaccines can be given according to your pet's lifestyle and need. Our team will customize a vaccination schedule for your pet conducive to his or her age, breed, health, and lifestyle to ensure protection.

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We offer in-house laboratory services that provide blood work, diagnostic ultrasounds, and x-rays for your pet. No matter when your pet may need help, we will be there for you with our emergency care. Our team at the Animal Clinic of Arlington is here to provide you and your pet with quality health care service. Contact us today to see how our holistic animal clinic can help you and your animal.


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